Piers Morgan: Frankenstein Trump’s Creation DeSantis Will End Up Destroying Him Just Like In The Movies

Piers Morgan writes for the New York Post:

“You have created a monster, and it will destroy you.” Those were the prophetic words of warning from Dr. Waldman to Dr. Frankenstein, in the movie version of Mary Shelley’s book, as he tries to stop him from proceeding with his plan to create a creature in his own image. But by the time Frankenstein realized Waldman was right, it was too late — and the monster did indeed destroy him.

Donald Trump is the modern-day Dr. Frankenstein and Ron DeSantis is his monster whom he has repeatedly claimed credit for creating when he first endorsed him to be governor of Florida. Although the former president doesn’t realize it yet, or more likely doesn’t want to realize it, the monster he made is now out of his control, rampaging across the Washington and media skyline like Boris Karloff on speed.

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