One Million Moms Claims “Victory” Over Disney Show

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

One Million Moms is thrilled to announce an additional victory was verified recently: Disney Channel canceled The Owl House.

Thankfully, The Owl House will not return for another season, and its current season will only consist of three final episodes. According to multiple sources, the network decided against renewing the demonic series because the show does not fit the Disney brand.

This cancellation is a HUGE Victory! Obviously, 1MM supporters are making a tremendous difference in the lives of our children.

As you know, 1MM warned parents that The Owl House contained dark content and glorified witchcraft as soon as the show premiered on Disney Channel in January 2020.

Due to your massive response, a 1MM petition was sent to The Disney Network, asking them to cancel this spiritually dangerous program.

Your emails helped tremendously! And your efforts were successful because the demonic show will not return for another season. Praise the Lord!

It is also evident that public outcry is a large part of the cause for this controversial show’s shortened third season and the cancellation of additional seasons of this series.

Yes, your support is making a HUGE difference! This victory demonstrates that 1MM is on the front lines of the culture war, but the battle has only begun.

We need your continued prayers and support, especially during this time of year when television programming decisions are made. So please consider donating today to help our efforts.

Your financial support allows us to continue sounding the alarm about harmful messages impacting our children and sharing practical ways to make your voices heard against these messages.

That is why I ask you to please consider giving a financial gift of any amount to support the work of 1MM.

Thank you for helping us fight indecency! Would you please help us continue our work by making a small financial contribution to the work of One Million Moms today? Please donate!

In October 2019, I reported Monica’s screeching objection to the then-upcoming The Owl House because it was the first Disney show to feature openly LGBTQ characters in leading roles. So it only took three years for this “victory” of hers. But that’s long been the standard practice for One Million Shrews: scream and rant about an upcoming show and then declare “victory” when the series comes to an end years later.