Man Arrested After Rushing Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin

Deadline reports:

Police have arrested a man who broke away from the queue of mourners in Westminster Hall, and ran towards Queen Elizabeth’s coffin, where he pulled at the flag.

The incident, which happened on Friday evening, shocked spectators who had been waiting for up to 12 hours to view the late Queen’s casket in the ancient hall.

Photos acquired by British press show a man being held on the floor by police. The man is reported to have reached the Queen’s coffin and pulled at the Royal standard flag before being apprehended.

The Guardian reports

The disturbance is believed to have taken place just before 10pm, when many mourners would have been queueing for over 12 hours. Broadcasters showing the procession of mourners cut away from the scene and instead showed the view from outside parliament.

Just hours before, the King, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward stood around the Queen‘s coffin, in what was known as the vigil of the princes. A similar vigil is expected to be held on Saturday night by the Queen’s grandchildren.

A huge amount of planning for security arrangements has gone into the preparations for the lying in state, given the heightened risk of terrorist attacks due to the large crowds who have gathered in central London.