Lauren Boebert Calls On Christian Extremists To Rise Up Against “Enemy” Liberals: “The Blood Has Been Applied”

The Colorado Newsline reports:

In a raucous speech at a Christian conference in Woodland Park on Friday, U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert called for conservative churchgoers to put “God back at the center of our country” and defeat “the enemy” that she said is destroying it from within.

“God is on our side. The blood has been applied,” Boebert told the crowd at Charis Bible College in an hour-long speech that quoted heavily from scripture.

“We are going straight into victory. You are all more than conquerors through God, through Christ who strengthens you every step of the way.” Boebert and other speakers addressed a three-day conference held by the Truth and Liberty Coalition, a nonprofit started by far-right preacher Andrew Wommack.

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In the clip posted to the group’s website, Boebert rages for nearly an hour as various quotes from the bible appear on the screen. Also speaking at the event were Christian nationalists Lance “Bad Wig” Wallnau, Eric “Sucker Punch” Metaxas, anti-LGBTQ activist E.W. Jackson, and nutbag Arkansas state Sen. Jason Rapert.

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