Lara Logan: Jill Biden Is Lying About Biden’s “Dementia”

“I believe in following the facts and the truth – and finding the principles – and there’s a principle here in what you’re talking about, right?

“Which is that you’re never going to see the New York Times doing an article about the fact that Jill Biden is propping up her husband.

“I mean, if you want to know something that is truly reprehensible and disgusting, is here is this woman who knows that her husband has dementia, and yet she’s lying to the whole country. She’s lying to her own base, lying to her own supporters.

“I mean, if there’s anything nauseating about what anyone’s spouses are doing, it’s really quite extraordinary to watch this woman trying to cover up with for the absolute embarrassment that passes for a cognizant human being in the president today.” – Former Fox Nation host Lara Logan.

Logan last appeared on JMG when she declared that Jewish bankers had bankrolled Charles Darwin’s research into evolution. Before that she appeared here when she claimed that Ukraine’s president is controlled by “occult Nazis.” That claim was immediately promoted by the Kremlin. Logan claims that COVID vaccines are “genocide by government.”