Kirk: Walker Will “Surge” Because It’s Football Season

“One of the best college running backs of all time, Herschel Walker is running up against the charlatan Raphael Warnock to actually flip the U.S. Senate race.

“Raphael Warnock should not be the U.S. Senator from Georgia, never should have happened. And Trafalgar and Emerson both have Raphael Warnock up. He is trending beautifully in the state of Georgia.

“Now I’m not gonna dive too deep into this, but I’m telling you — as football season starts to come front and center in Georgia, Herschel Walker is going to surge.

“You can make fun of that all you want, Media Matters. You have never spent time in rural Georgia if you think that’s a joke, the better Georgia football does the better Herschel Walker looks.

“That’s not gonna be the only reason why people vote for it, but it does not hurt in a year where Georgia is the defending national champion to have the Heisman Trophy winning darling of the University of Georgia bulldogs running for the United States Senate.” – Charlie Kirk, on today’s podcast.