Joe Rogan Claims Flight 93 Was Shot Down On 9/11

“They shot that fucking plane out of the sky. Yeah. They ‘crashed it into the ground to save the White House’? Get the fuck out of here.

“They found the wreckage — the wreckage was spread out over miles. Now, in a plane crash, the wreckage does not spread for miles.

“But when you blow something up in the air, I would imagine that it would spread out for miles. How is the wreckage spread for miles? That doesn’t even make sense.

“Let’s say there’s 200 people on a plane and those 200 people — 100% hijacked. There’s terrorists on the plane, and they’re going to crash into the White House.

“Now, instead of 200 people dead, you have 2,000 people dead. You don’t think they’re going to blow that thing out of the sky? They have to.” – Joe Rogan, on today’s podcast.