Homocon Peter Thiel Funds Period-Tracking App

Vice News reports:

On September 1st, Evie Magazine—which strives to be the conservative answer to Cosmo, and which promotes COVID denialism and vaccine misinformation, soft-focus transphobia, and a weird obsession with organ meats—announced a new venture: 28, a “femtech” company offering workouts and nutritional tips based on users’ menstrual cycles, and which requires those users to enter information about the first day of their last period.

The week prior, TechCrunch announced the new venture’s biggest funder: the investment firm Thiel Capital, which led the latest $3.2 million funding round, and whose founder Peter Thiel has a variety of other interests. (Those include, of late, funding the MAGA movement to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.) In a 2009 essay, he famously expressed the opinion that giving women the right to vote made the country less libertarian and thus worse.

Read the full article. This is scary stuff.