Hate Group Sues Florida Orchestra Over Vax Mandate

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Today, Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against Artis-Naples (“Naples Philharmonic”) in U.S. District Court for discriminating against three former employees who have sincere religious objections to the organization’s COVID-19 shot mandate.

The employees—a clarinet, a violin and a viola player—are seeking reinstatement to their tenured jobs, and compensatory and punitive damages against Artis-Naples for its willful and flagrant violation of the law.

Artis-Naples, a visual and performing arts nonprofit organization in Southwest Florida, violated Florida and federal law by unlawfully discriminating against and terminating the three employees in connection with its COVID-19 shot mandate.

The three plaintiffs were longstanding musicians for the Naples Philharmonic for a combination of 82 years. As committed Christians, they will not violate their religious convictions and accept the COVID injections, all of which are associated with aborted fetal cells.

As you may recall, in addition to falsely claiming that tens of thousands of Americans have died as a result of the “poison” COVID vaccine, the Liberty Counsel last summer declared that the vaccine contains “graphene oxide for controlling people and linking them to the internet.”