Gingrich Rants About “Stalinist” January 6th Committee

“There’s never been a more blatant misuse of the Justice Department this close to an election. You know, the ground rule used to be that 60 days out, they stopped all the stuff precisely not to try to influence an election.

“Instead, you have a deliberate targeting process underway to intimidate Republican donors, Republican candidates, and even Republican lawyers.

“This is as close to a police state tactic as we’ve ever seen in this country. And, of course, this is totally inappropriate.

“It’s not really a congressional committee. It’s a show trial in the Stalinist tradition. They’re apparently sitting down this week with their Hollywood producer.

“Think about this: They are sitting down with their Hollywood producer to plan the next two months. This is an absurdity.

“The American people should be insulted that these people think they’re stupid enough to fall for this kind of thing.” – Newt Gingrich, who has been summoned for an interview with the January 6th committee.