Fox News Regular Blames LGBTQs For The Rise Of Hitler

“Do you know that part of the Weimer Republic was social degeneracy Europe had never seen before? Do you know, the whole LGBTQ thing? Do you know, that was going wild in places like Berlin at this time?

“And do you know that there were so many Germans, Jew-hatred or not, so many Germans who were willing to accept anything to make that degeneracy stop? They wanted it stopped.

“There is a right-wing dictator of some kind coming. Please, God, don’t let it be a Hitler. But there is one coming.

“You guys can enjoy all this, whoop it up all you want with your pink feather boas on and put on the drag shows for little kids and turn teenage – cut the penises off of teenage boys all you want.

“Have a good time with your demonic degeneracy. There will be a response. There will be a response because so many Americans, so many will not live in a country like that.

“I hear people talk all the time about the divide. We’re too divided. We need to unite, divide. We don’t need to unite at all. I’m not uniting with that.

“If you’re putting on a drag show for children, if you have your son putting dollar bills in the thongs of men who are dancing, or dressed up like prostitutes, we’re not uniting.

“Either we’re going to separate as a country or I’m going to defeat you by any means necessary. But I’m not uniting with you, and you shouldn’t unite with them either. We are separate. We are enemies.” – Frequent Fox News guest commentator Jesse Kelly, on his radio show.

Kelly ran unsuccessfully for the US House in 2010 and 2012, first seeking to unseat Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords and then seeking to unseat her successor after she was nearly assassinated. He won both GOP primaries.

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