Former Trump DOJ Official May Face Felony Charges

Law & Crime reports:

Former Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Clark, who tried to subvert the 2020 election results for Donald Trump, claims that he’s immune from ethics charges stemming from that effort — and that his superiors engaged in “dereliction of duty” for rejecting his conspiracy theories.

Those superiors, former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen and ex-Acting Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue, testified before the Jan. 6 Committee that Clark embraced a series of outlandish claims about the 2020 election. One of those theories held that election machines could be hacked by smart thermostats.

The filing submitted by Clark’s lawyer, however, asserts that their client is entitled to argue that he was right, and his superiors in the DOJ were wrong.

CNN reports:

The Justice Department is investigating felony violations of false statements, conspiracy and obstruction as part of its January 6, 2021, probe that led to a recent search of former Trump administration official Jeffrey Clark’s home, according to an account of the criminal investigation made public Wednesday in a separate proceeding.

Clark’s legal team wrote that on June 20 “approximately a dozen armed agents of the Department of Justice’s Office of Inspector General executed a criminal search warrant at [Mr. Clark’s] home at around 7 a.m. and seized his electronic devices”, according to a report published Wednesday by a committee of the DC Bar’s Board on Professional Responsibility.

This is the first time a document has named the specifics of what the Justice Department is considering as possible crimes, as it looks at the top circle of political players around then-President Donald Trump before January 6.