DeSantis: I’ll Use Every Penny Of Fund To Ship Migrants

CNN reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday said he intends to use “every penny” of the $12 million his state budgeted to relocate migrants and set the expectation for buses and “likely more” flights full of migrants paid for by the state. “These are just the beginning efforts,” the Republican governor said. “We’ve got an infrastructure in place now. There’s going to be a lot more that’s happening.”

The state budget DeSantis signed this year allocated $12 million to move “unauthorized aliens” but specified the intent was to transport people “from this state.” Asked about that provision, DeSantis dismissed it as semantic because so many migrants end up in Florida, but they are not moving there in groups large enough to intercept. “The reality is 40% of them say they want to go to Florida,” he said.

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