DeSantis Ad Features Antisemitic Christian Nationalist

Mediaite reports:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sparked controversy in recent weeks as The Forward reported Monday that an ad released Sept. 6 by DeSantis’s reelection campaign featured a “Christian nationalist pastor with antisemitic views.”

The ad titled “Results” started airing nationwide after its release and briefly shows Pastor Larry Jinks of First Baptist Church of St. James City, FL saying of the governor, “You protected our right to worship together in person.”

Jinks has “a history of inflammatory rhetoric,” noted The Forward’s Jacob Kornblough who ran through some of the pastor’s more controversial statements.

Florida Politics reports:

“It’s a shame that the Jews, who should know better, reject their own Messiah (who fullfilled everyone of their prophecies) still believe that they need sacrifices and the Temple to sacrifice them in,” Jinks wrote. “Nonetheless, because of their rejection they will move forward with that plan.” Later, he also criticized the Pope and Catholicism, and attempts to find peace between Jews, Muslims and Christians.

“This is in step with what the Pope has been pushing for. ‘Peace amongst the three main world religions.’ It seems like there’s a plan among world leaders to push this ‘Unity.’ Which is just the opposite of what Jesus taught and what Christians are supposed to do,” Jinks wrote. “We are called to be at odds with any religion that does not acknowledge Jesus as the Prince of Peace and the only way to the Father.”