Dem Hassan +11 Over Bolduc In First NH Senate Poll

Emerson College Polling reports:

The first Emerson College/WHDH New Hampshire General Election poll finds incumbent Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan with an 11-point lead over newly-nominated Republican Donald Bolduc, leading 51% to 40%. Six percent (6%) of voters are undecided, and 4% plan to support someone else.

“Independent voters break for Hassan by a 12-point margin,” Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling continued, “Both men and women support Hassan over Bolduc; however, women support the Senator by a 16-point margin and men by six.”

Hassan’s favorability is ten points higher than Bolduc: 51% have a favorable view of Hassan while 41% have a favorable view of Bolduc. Regardless of whom they support on the ballot, voters expect Hassan to win over Bolduc, 60% to 40%.

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