Carlson: Dems Speak “The Language Of Totalitarianism”

“This is the language of totalitarianism. It’s very obvious. And in a functioning system that wanted to remain democratic, people in power would push back against it.

“The media business, any responsible person would say, no, you can’t do that. That’s too much power. We can’t vest all the power in one political party. That’s the road to something awful.

“But no one’s pushing back. In fact, daily, the media reinforce the message. Daily, the media remind us that anyone who has questions about the outcome of the last election isn’t a disgruntled voter, that person’s a criminal.

“That person has embraced ‘the big lie.’ You see it in every news story, the big lie. People like that are irrational and dangerous and they will be punished, and rightly so. And now they are being punished.” – Tucker Carlson, last night.