Bannon: I Got Arrested Since They Can’t Arrest Trump

“These things are all been in the works and so they declared war then they immediately go, they obviously can’t get to President Trump so they going to get to Alex Jones, they’re going to Steve Bannon.

“They’re going to get to everybody that’s got a platform. They’re trying to shut our platforms down. And they’re trying to stop our voices. And why?

“They understand it’s not about Alex Jones. There’s a war going on, we understand that. And we’re winning because we actually have more of the people on our side.

“But that’s why, Alex, as you know, either forcing you into bankruptcy, putting Steve Bannon in jail, you know, it’s all part of the same cloth.” – Steve Bannon, rushing to whine on InfoWars after yesterday’s perp-walk in handcuffs.

As you’ll see in the clip, Bannon also declares the search of Mar-A-Lago and the January 6th hearings to be “nothing burgers.”