AZ GOP Chair Shares Racist Post By White Nationalist

Vice News reports:

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward shared a tweet from an account rife with white racist content and conspiracy theories on Monday evening. Ward retweeted a violent video that appears to show a white child being savagely beaten by a larger boy with a darker complexion, with the caption “homeschool your children.”

“Violent, hate-filled predators are loose in our public schools. And ‘the system’ again puts innocent children in danger,” she quote-tweeted.

The original tweet came from Dan Lyman, who describes himself as a “pureblood” in his Twitter bio and has a pinned tweet of a shirtless man who appears to be him at the top of the account with the caption “White Boy Summer has officially begun.”

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Per the report, Lyman’s Twitter feed is rife with white nationalist content, including posts promoting Holocaust-denying white supermacist Nick Fuentes.

“Pureblood,” should you be blissfully unaware, is how anti-vaxxers describe themselves.

Ward, you may recall, first earned national ridicule when she claimed that John McCain timed the revelation of his brain cancer diagnosis to hurt her ultimately failed bid for the US Senate.

She is currently fighting to shield her phone records from the DOJ, who this summer subpoenaed her over her role as an Arizona fake elector.

Ward has also claimed that the Capitol riot was a false flag secretly engineered by the FBI and the so-called deep state.