Anti-LGBTQ Exorcist Dem Reelected To Florida House

Florida Politics reports:

Jacksonville Democrat Kim Daniels has completed her second political resurrection, returning to represent Florida House District 14 after a two year absence. No General Election is needed in the district after all. Daniels’ write-in opponent, Patrice Wynette Jones, withdrew from the race.

The Florida Federation for Children PAC, which is chaired by Step Up for Students founder John Kirtley, sent emails during the stretch run of the Primary. Daniels benefited from GOP funding in 2020, and that followed in 2022.

The mail was sent out after a $23,000 donation from the Friends of Ron DeSantis political committee on July 28. In August, the PAC got a $50,000 donation from Conservatives for Principled Leadership, a committee associated with Speaker-designate Paul Renner.

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Daniels, who claims to be an exorcist by trade, first appeared on JMG when she declared that children’s dolls are sometimes possessed by demons.

Prior to her election as a state rep, Daniels led the campaign to defeat Jacksonville’s LGBTQ rights ordinance.

Her bill to place “In God We Trust” signs in all Florida classrooms was approved in 2018.

In 2019, she authored an ultimately failed bill to force Florida schools to offer separate elective courses on the Old and New Testaments.