61% Of GOP Voters: Trump Should Run Even If Charged

Marist Polling reports:

A plurality of Americans (44%) say President Trump did something illegal when he took government documents after leaving the Presidency. An additional 17% think the former president did something unethical but not illegal. One in four Republicans say Trump did either something illegal (5%) or unethical (20%). 29% of Americans, including 63% of Republicans, think Trump did nothing wrong.

47% of Americans say Trump did something illegal or unethical and should be charged with a crime. 14% think he did something wrong but should not face criminal charges. Ten percent of Republicans and 46% of independents perceive wrongdoing and think Trump should be charged.

61% of Americans – including 90% of Democrats, 26% of Republicans, and 67% of independents – do not want Trump to run for president in 2024. This jumps to 65% of Americans if he is charged with a crime. 27% want Trump to run for president even if he is charged with a crime, including 61% of Republicans.

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