“Sewer Emergency” Shuts Down Much Of Provincetown

Boston’s NBC affiliate reports:

The Town of Provincetown says any food or restaurant business that is using its vacuum sewer system must immediately close, after declaring a sewer emergency Thursday. The town added that residential properties on this system must cut back on water use, “including dishwashing, laundry, showering and only flush when absolutely necessary.”

Town Manager Alex Morse said online that officials anticipate needing up to 48 hours to make repairs and get the system running as normal. Morse’s post said the restaurant shut downs are needed to “prevent a further public health emergency caused by sewer overflows.”

From Provincetown’s public notice:

We are declaring a sewer emergency for properties on the vacuum sewer system. This includes properties on Commercial St from Snow St to Point St, and properties on the sewer system on Bradford St between Conwell St and Prince St.

Any restaurant or food service business in this service area will need to cease operations immediately. This is necessary to prevent a further public health emergency caused by sewer overflows, and we need to drastically reduce flow to allow the critical repair work in order to get the town back to full capacity.

All public restrooms are closed today and tomorrow. We have 18 porta potties arriving in Town at 11:00am and they will be on Ryder St next to Town Hall.

Kudos to the mapmaker’s color choices.