REPORT: Tucker Carlson Is “Shitting Himself” Over The Possibility That His Many Texts To Alex Jones Will Leak

The Daily Beast reports:

Tucker Carlson is “shitting himself” over the possibility that texts between him and far-right conspiracy loon Alex Jones will leak, a source close to the Fox News star told Confider.

Carlson and the raving Infowars ranter trade text messages on a daily basis, according to two people familiar with their relationship.  If made public, these sources said, the text messages would be “highly embarrassing” for Carlson. Carlson and Jones have maintained a friendly relationship for years.

The Fox News primetime star has made multiple appearances on Infowars, gushed over Jones’ unhinged rhetoric, branded him “more talented than I am,” and supplied a fawning blurb for the bullshitting blowhard’s upcoming book.

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