Oz Claims He Only Owns Two Homes (He Owns Ten)

The Daily Beast reports:

It’s a question most Americans can answer pretty easily: “How many houses do you own?” But for TV doctor and Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, it’s apparently a tricky one—with qualifiers, an explanation, and an interpretative answer.

At a campaign stop last weekend at the Carbon County Fair in Palmerton, Pennsylvania, a Democratic campaign operative asked Oz how many houses he owns. Oz’s answer? “Legitimately, I own two houses,” he said, according to footage filmed by the operative and obtained by The Daily Beast.

“But one of them we’re building on, the other ones I rent,” Oz added. The problem with that answer is Oz—legitimately—owns far more than two houses.

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At the link you’ll find a list Oz’s ten properties, which includes two Manhattan condos, a condo and a mansion in New Jersey, and an oceanfront mansion in Palm Beach.

In addition to the ten that Oz owns, his wife owns a mansion in Maine and a pool house next door one of their New Jersey homes.

Oz is seemingly claiming that the homes he’s renting to others are not “legitimately” his and belong to his tenants.