NOLA Again Denied Flooding Funds Over Abortion

New Orleans’ CBS affiliate reports:

Abortion rights and flood mitigation don’t seem to have much in common, but here in New Orleans the politics over one is delaying funding approval for another.

Thursday, for the second time, the Louisiana Bond Commission deferred the decision on a $39 million line of credit for a Sewerage & Water Board project over the City’s stance on abortion.

Attorney General Jeff Landry is the driving force behind the push to defer, saying he wants to bring the city’s leaders “to heel” over statements they won’t investigate abortion cases in New Orleans. “Defer this project until they rescind the resolution,” Landry said during the meeting.

Jezebel reports:

The move comes right at the start of hurricane season, on the same day New Orleans has issued a flood advisory. The financing that’s being held hostage would, specifically, be used to build a power station for the Sewerage & Water Board to help combat flooding.

Paul Rainwater, a lobbyist for the city of New Orleans, told Landry that holding up the funds puts “a lot of people at risk” and that Republican leaders should “find something non-essential to go after, not the sewerage and water board.”

Flooding in New Orleans, a notorious hurricane hot-spot, can be deadly: Nearly 2,000 people died, for instance, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

My first report on this is here.

Landry recently appeared on JMG when he advised parents on how to evade mask requirements in public schools. Before that, he appeared here when punished New Orleans’ NFL team over their vaccine mandate by delaying state funding for the upkeep of their stadium.

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