NJ Man In Infamous GoFundMe Scam Gets Five Years

The Daily Beast reports:

A New Jersey man who raised $400,000 on GoFundMe with a fake story about a homeless man has been sentenced to five years in prison. Mark D’Amico, who pled guilty to misapplication of entrusted property in 2019, will serve time in New Jersey state prison concurrent with his previous 27-month federal sentence, county prosecutors said Friday.

D’Amico, 43, was accused of concocting a fake story about a homeless man he and his girlfriend said they met in 2017.

The couple started a GoFundMe saying the homeless man, Johnny Bobbitt, had used his last $20 to pay for her gas when she ran out near a Philadelphia interstate. D’Amico’s girlfriend, Katelyn McClure, pled guilty to theft by deception in 2019, and is expected to serve a four-year term in state prison.

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