NJ Gov Condemns Manhattan Congestion Pricing Plan

Gothamist reports:

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is defending the text message to state E-ZPass users that urged them to publicly comment against the MTA’s congestion pricing program proposal.

The message, which was sent this weekend and which made the rounds on social media, simply said congestion pricing “will increase cost and congestion for NJ drivers.”

The MTA is in the midst of public hearings over recently released details about the plan, which would charge drivers who enter Manhattan below 60th Street. The MTA found that 90% of commuters from New Jersey who enter the congestion zone during the morning commute do so via mass transit, not vehicles.

The New Jersey Advance reports:

Gov. Phil Murphy issued his strongest criticism of New York’s proposed congestion pricing plan that could charge as much as $23 to drive south of 60th Street in Manhattan, calling it “an idea whose time has not come” Monday.

His comments came after the NJ Turnpike Authority and New Jersey E-ZPass consortium posted pop-up messages over the weekend, urging drivers to weigh-in on New York’s congestion pricing plan. The Authority message listed concerns about increasing commuting costs and overburdening mass transit and North Jersey roads.

Currently, no decision has been made about giving George Washington Bridge drivers credit for their bridge toll toward the congestion fee. Not providing a toll credit would constitute double taxation, said Murphy.