McConnell Rages Over “All You Can Eat” Climate Bill

Via press release from Sen. Mitch McConnell:

The last time Senate Democrats tried to remake the economy on party lines, they shoved American families into the worst inflation in 40 years. Democrats got all-you-can-eat liberal spending and working families got stuck with the bill.

In President Biden’s America, the average family is either paying thousands of dollars extra per year to tread water or watching their standard of living dissolve before their eyes.

Democrats’ policies have torn down the savings, the stability, and the lifestyles that families worked and sacrificed for years to build up. The effect of this one-party government has been an economic assault on the American middle class.

That’s why only 18 percent of Americans say the economy Democrats have created is ‘good.’ That’s why President Biden got the worst approval rating at the 18-month mark of any President in more than 75 years.

With straight faces, Democrats argued the damage from their first reckless taxing and spending spree was a good excuse to ram through another.

And Republicans spent all night and all day putting forward solutions to tackle those issues. But not one Senate Democrat would agree to take one dime out of their Green New Deal nonsense to cut inflation, fight crime, or secure the border.

Democrats have proven over and over they simply do not care about middle-class families’ priorities. They have spent 18 months proving that. They just spent hundreds of billions of dollars to prove it again.

But the working Americans they have failed will be writing Democrats’ report cards in three months’ time