Masters Busted Lying About Not Knowing Gab CEO

The Jewish Insider reports:

In late July, Masters earned a nod of approval from Andrew Torba, the chief executive of Gab, a far-right Twitter alternative that is widely viewed as a hotbed of white nationalist sentiment. While Masters rejected the endorsement a few days later and insisted he had “never heard of” Torba, the incendiary social media entrepreneur has since countered that Masters’ claim is a “flat-out lie.”

“Blake Masters knows exactly who I am,” Torba wrote in an Aug. 4 Gab post, which has since been removed from the site. “We had a long conversation on Twitter Spaces live a few months ago. Mega cringe cucking here, but whatever, I still want him to win for the great people of Arizona and for the right to control the Senate.”

The Gab executive, who identifies as a Christian nationalist, has frequently expressed anti-Jewish views. He recently argued, for instance, that Jews are not welcome in the conservative movement unless “they repent and accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.”

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As you’ll see, the outlet has obtained a three-minute recording of Masters and Torba discussing topics such as Gab being banned from the Apple app store.

A spokesperson for Master has responded to above-linked report by accusing the Jewish Insider of “amplifying White Nationalists and giving them a voice.”

I believe that’s known as chutzpah.