Loomer Claims Opponent Wears Life Alert Necklace

The Daily Beast reports:

Now in her second bid for Congress, this time in a primary fight against Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL), Loomer has found a new oddball line of attack. Her opponent, she claims, is so feeble he wears a Life Alert necklace with a button to alert emergency responders if he has a fall.

“We don’t need members of Congress who are walking around wearing Life Alert necklaces, too sick to vote,” Loomer told The Daily Beast, citing a picture she claims shows Webster wearing the necklace.

Despite Loomer’s insistence, though, there’s substantial evidence that Webster isn’t wearing a Life Lock necklace. Instead, he appears to be wearing a personal air ionizer, a device intended to purify the air around him. Webster is such an enthusiast of the device that he even praised it in a 2021 House hearing.

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As the piece notes, Loomer is running in the district that includes The Villages, a sprawling collection of retirement communities where many residents surely actually do wear Life Alert necklaces. As for the claim below by extremist Stew Peters, there’s no mention on Loomer’s Telegram channel.