Lincoln Projects Skewers “Poser” Ron DeSantis [VIDEO]

Florida Politics reports:

Florida’s Governor has spent much of the summer yoking his campaign to the reboot of “Top Gun: Maverick.” But for one group of critics, it’s been more like “Flop Gun” instead.

A new 30-second spot from the Lincoln Project, pithily titled “Poser,” unfavorably compares DeSantis to leaders in bygone times and their efforts in wartime, using the Governor’s latest homage (“Top Gov”) to the Tom Cruise film as a hook, with which they skewer the ad’s central concept.

“‘Top Gun’ Ron DeSantis flew this,” the ad says, showing a picture of a work desk, a seeming allusion to his legal work in the military. “Top Gun? This guy? Ron DeSantis is no Maverick,” the narrator closes. “He’s just a poser.”

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