Leading Israeli Anti-Vaxxer Loses Medical License

Haaretz reports:

Israel’s Health Ministry announced the revocation of Dr. Aryeh Avni’s medical license, after he called to violate the ministry’s COVID guidelines during the pandemic and published defamatory articles against the medical community.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Avni was one of the most prominent Israelis casting doubt on the existence of the disease. Last year, he attempted to run for the Knesset as the head of a party called Rapeh (Heal).

In his decision, Judge Amnon Shtrashnov called Avni “a charlatan, a clear coronavirus denier and a dangerous trickster, who behaves that way under the aegis of a licensed doctor.”

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A pertinent quote from this quack: “The Most High [G-d] gave me a natural system of inoculation. No disease can hurt me, manmade, natural, or anything else. Deaths from this purported disease are caused by hospital care, which punctures blood vessels and lung tissue with breathing tubes. I am running only to be the Minister of Health, and in that capacity I will undertake to genuinely improve Israel’s public health.”