“In God We Trust” Posters Go Up In Texas Schools

The Texas Tribune reports:

A new law requiring Texas schools to display donated “In God We Trust” posters is the latest move by Republican lawmakers to bring Christianity into taxpayer-funded institutions.

The “In God We Trust” law was authored by state Sen. Bryan Hughes, the East Texas Republican who crafted Texas’ Senate Bill 8, which restricted abortion to the first six weeks or so of pregnancy starting Sept. 1, 2021. The abortion law artfully skirted legal challenge by relying on the public instead of law enforcement to enforce it.

Hughes’ “In God We Trust” poster law is also precisely written. Texas public schools or colleges must display the national motto in a “conspicuous place” but only if the poster is “donated” or “purchased by private donations.”

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Posters have been donated by Moms For Liberty, local GOP groups, and cultist businesses including Patriot Mobile.

Hughes last appeared on JMG when the Texas Senate approved his bill to ban abortion pills.