Homocon Rioter: The Left Wants To Criminalize My Art

“At CPAC I sat silently in a cell as a performance art piece to provoke a reaction about political division, human rights abuses & more.

“Right now, the left wing media is actively trying to use this art piece to have me further prosecuted. The left now supports criminalizing art.

Every artist hopes their work will be seen, talked about, and provoke a reaction in its audience. The liberal media just made me into the most successful performance artist in the country in 24 hours.” – Convicted rioter Brandon Straka.

From Friday’s NPR report:

A federal judge reprimanded a prominent pro-Trump social media personality and Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant for making “questionable” comments in the media about his plea agreement and cooperation with law enforcement. Those comments, U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich said, were “inconsistent” with what he previously told the court.

“He’s losing more and more credibility by the moment,” Friedrich said at the hearing, which was held via teleconference. Judge Friedrich said the defendant, Brandon Straka, was possibly opening himself up to prosecution for lying to federal investigators.