Glenn Beck: Democrats Are Begging For Another Jan. 6

“I think they really want another January 6th. They are begging for it. Nobody paid attention to the January 6th hearings, cause everybody knows it’s bull crap.

“There were problems — uh, but it wasn’t the worst since the Civil War, not even close, the bad guys should have gone to jail, but look at how they treated those guys.

“American citizens treated like no American citizens have been treated probably since the Civil War. They treat them like this.

“They couldn’t — they trump everything up, no pun intended, and they can’t get America to care about it.”

“I have to tell you, after this, if the Republicans win and they don’t go after and put in jail, every damn one of these people that are trying to destroy our nation through lies and deceit, you won’t have a country left.

“You won’t have a country left. I hope this makes the Republicans focus on the Constitution. You violate the constitution. I don’t care which party you belong to. You go to jail period. Is that too extreme? – Glenn Beck, in an interview with Sen. Mike Lee.