Dan Bongino: FBI Agents Used The Flag As Toilet Paper

“I don’t buy this rank and file crap either. Throw it right in the garbage. I don’t buy it one bit. I was a Secret Service agent, I was the rank-and-file, me.

“And you know what, I saw something I didn’t like. And I left. Every single person involved — no ‘I was just doing my job.’ You’re full of crap.

“Your job is to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and you know damn well that what you did last night was a disgrace.

“You used our flag as toilet paper last night! Don’t give me this rank and file crap! I don’t buy any of it. Every single person involved in this needs to be fired immediately.

“When President Trump hopefully runs again and takes the White House, every single person at the top of the DOJ and the FBI who cannot raise their right hand and pledge allegiance to our constitution not a political party needs to be fired yesterday!

“And then when the left starts whining and the media, fire 100 more the next day. Do not even let them breathe. Everyone has to go!

‘You do not live in a constitutional republic anymore, and there is no fixing this, there is only rebuilding it.” – Dan Bongino, this morning on Fox & Friends.