Christian School Accused Of Brutal Anti-Gay Exorcisms

The CBC reports:

Coy Nolin and his mother say they had no idea the four people in their living room were about to conduct a violent exorcism to cast out Coy’s “gay demons.” Coy says that three days earlier, in an office at Saskatoon’s Christian Centre Academy, the school’s director had interrogated him for several hours after informants told the director Coy is gay.

Coy, who was 16 years old at the time, says the director called him “evil” and “an abomination.” Coy was suspended and told they would try to “cure” him. Almost immediately after they walked into the house, the four officials placed their hands on Coy. They began yelling, grunting and making other unintelligible sounds known as “speaking in tongues.”

Read the full article. There’s SO much more, including allegations of beatings with a wood paddle.