Carlson: Biden “Provoked” Russia’s War With Ukraine

Media Matters has the transcript:

Tonight, Biden gave a speech boasting that he’s killed an al Qaeda figure in Afghanistan. Great. Feel safer? Of course you don’t. Nobody does. And the reason nobody feels safer is Biden’s response to the disaster in Afghanistan.

Rather than pause and learn from it, maybe fire the people responsible for it, not simply the self-destructive withdrawal from Afghanistan, but also the pointless 20 year war there.

Rather than do any of that, like a normal person would do, Biden immediately set off in another direction, provoking yet another conflict, this one in eastern Europe. And he provoked it. They lie about it, but it’s true.

The facts are out there and it’s very obvious. They wanted a war with Russia. And now we have one. We’re not winning that war, by the way. The main American casualties so far has been our economy, which is dying.