Walker Issues Typical Word Salad on Dodging Debates

“Well, first of all, Senator Warnock has nothing else to talk about. He don’t want talk about the high gas prices, he don’t want to talk about high groceries. I’ve told him many times I’m ready debate him any time, any day.

“All he doin’ is talking. I just want to make it for the fans, not about a political party or some media, and all they are doing is talking. I want to make it a fair and equal debate for the people.

“I’m willing to cross the aisle and talk to him about who’s going to host this debate, not do it on his terms, but do it on the terms that the people can see the contrast between he and I, where I don’t want men in womens’ sports.

“I’m not gonna have that. I don’t wanna see high gas prices. I wanna see the crime stop. Those are things he voted for which he don’t want to admit, so he needs to answer to that because the Georgia people are talking.

“They want him to answer questions, not just hearing him to continue to talk to the media.” – Hershel Walker, when a Fox host asked him why he won’t commit to debating Warnock.

Walker refused to debate his primary opponents.