Vance Sides With Hate Group Against Marriage Bill

The Ohio Capital Journal reports:

Republican Ohio U.S. Senate nominee J.D. Vance would oppose legislation to codify the right to marriage for same-sex couples, according to Mission: America, a Columbus based non-profit which bills itself as a ministry.

In a joint statement with Ohio Value Voters, Mission: America president Linda Harvey criticized the Ohio Republican congressmen who voted to pass the Respect for Marriage Act in the House.

“Homosexual couples embrace an ancient sin often involving high risk practices,” Harvey wrote. “These couples are never blessed with their own children, just one of the many limitations of such relationships. But homosexuals in America are often quite willing to corrupt other people’s children.”

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As longtime JMG readers will recall, Linda Harvey has appeared here many times over the years, most recently when she declared that the rainbow flag is a “flagrant violation of God’s trademark.”

Harvey has called televised same-sex kisses “depraved airborne infections.” In 2018, she bizarrely declared oral sex to be “the practice of homosexuals.”

In 2017, Harvey called for prosecuting LGBTQ activists for “normalizing homosexuality.”