Tory PM Candidates Pander To Right Wing [VIDEO]

ABC News reports:

The candidates to become the next British prime minister burnished their right-wing credentials Sunday, as they looked to remain in the race to succeed Boris Johnson.

The five remaining hopefuls highlighted issues linked to Brexit and immigration as they attempted to woo fellow Conservative lawmakers ahead of a third round of voting on Monday, when another contender will drop out.

Even though the eventual winner will automatically become prime minister, the contenders must appeal to a narrow constituency of party members, who tend to be whiter, older and more right-wing than the general public.

The BBC reports:

Firstly, the Conservative Party is keen to move on from Boris Johnson. Although it’s just eight days since Mr Johnson agreed to resign, the candidates to be his successor want the next chapter to start as soon as possible.

None of the five would say out loud that the prime minister was an honest man. Tom Tugendhat won applause for saying the opposite. Even Liz Truss, seen as closest to Mr Johnson and endorsed by his key allies, wouldn’t say it.

Just over a week ago, four of the five would have been expected to come out to bat for Mr Johnson as members of the government. Politics moves on quickly.