Ted Haggard Once Again Accused Of …YOU KNOW

The Denver Gazette reports:

National evangelical Christian powerhouse Ted Haggard, who founded New Life Church in Colorado Springs in 1984, grew it to 14,000 worshipers and was excommunicated in 2006 amid accusations that he paid a male escort for sex and was using methamphetamine, is facing new allegations from another congregation he started in 2010, Saint James Church.

Two young men, one of whom was a minor at the time the alleged incidents occurred in 2019, claim on a recorded tape that Haggard made them feel uncomfortable in his mannerisms he displayed while around them. The minor said he wanted people to know that Haggard touched him inappropriately on several occasions at the church.

Religion News Service reports

The most recent allegations were made by Kirk “Seth” Sethman, who was ordained as a minister by St. James Church in 2012. Sethman said he first approached church elders with allegations about Haggard in 2020.

St. James has declined in membership in recent years and earlier this year sold its building. Haggard is still head pastor but has moved the church’s services and study sessions to his home and is now calling his new congregation the Storyhouse Church.

Haggard last appeared on JMG in 2011 when he appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap to exchange spouses with actor Gary Busey.