Suspect Wore Women’s Clothes To Evade Police After Shooting, Trespassed In IL Synagogue During Passover

The Independent reports:

The Highland Park shooting suspect “planned his attack for several weeks” and dressed in women’s clothes as a disguise so that he could slip under the radar as he fled the scene of the mass shooting, according to law enforcement.

Robert Crimo III, 21, was arrested on Monday evening following an eight-hour manhunt, when he was spotted driving along a highway.

Lake County Sgt Christopher Covelli said in a press conference on Tuesday that Mr Crimo was captured on video dressed in women’s clothing so that he could blend into the crowd of panicked parade-goers as they ran from the scene of the massacre. He said he wasn’t sure if the suspect was also wearing a wig at the time.

The Times Of Israel reports:

Following the shooting during an Independence Day parade in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park that killed at least six people, a local Chabad emissary said he had witnessed the suspected shooter entering a synagogue during the Jewish festival of Passover in April.

Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz recognized the photo of 22-year-old Robert E. Crimo III released by police following the shooting, and realized he had encountered the suspect a few months earlier, according to the Israel National News website.

“During the last Passover holiday, that person entered the Chabad synagogue. We have an armed security guard sitting in front. I approached him and sternly asked him to leave as I noticed he was not a member of our community,” Schanowitz was quoted as saying.