Proud Boy/People’s Convoy Leader Arrested In DC

The Daily Beast reports:

The leader of the right-wing and COVID anti-vax 1776 Restoration Movement—formerly called The People’s Convoy—was arrested near the National Mall on Wednesday after his group came to town protesting non-existent mandates. Far-right Proud Boy member and leader David “Santa” Riddell was taken into custody for a warrant out of Maryland, D.C., Metropolitan Police officers told The Daily Beast on scene.

The Washingtonian reports:

The far-right People’s Convoy annoyed DC drivers earlier this year, accomplished nothing, drove out west, returned, accomplished nothing yet again, then declared victory and said it was time to vamoose. On Wednesday morning several former convoyers set up camp on the Mall, parking their flag-festooned vehicles and then sitting around in lawn chairs to achieve…well, that part has never been clear.

Watch these racist clowns in the video below.