Prosecutors: Bannon Thought He Was “Above The Law”

NBC News reports:

Former Donald Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon “decided he was above the law” when he blew off the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, a federal prosecutor told jurors Tuesday in opening statements of Bannon’s contempt of Congress trial.

Bannon “chose to show his contempt for Congress’ authority and its processes” by refusing to comply with a subpoena, Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Rose Vaughn told jurors. “It wasn’t optional, it wasn’t a request and it wasn’t an invitation. It was mandatory,” Vaughn said.

The Washington Post reports:

After the trial ended for the day, Stephen K. Bannon went to a bank of microphones outside the courthouse and lashed out at the House Jan. 6 committee for launching a “show trial” in which he is accused of criminal contempt of Congress for failing to respond to the committee’s subpoena.

“I challenge [Rep.] Bennie Thompson to show up here,” Bannon said, naming other members of the committee, “or send somebody on the committee that has the guts to come here and accuse somebody of a crime. It is outrageous.”

He then launched into conspiratorial criticism about the lack of evidence of FBI or DHS involvement in Jan. 6, “or any testimony about any other involvement in what’s driving this.”