POLL: 25% Of Republicans Oppose Interracial Marriage

Playbook PM reports:

Facing a bleak midterms environment — and spying an opening to enshrine civil rights gains into law — Dems on the Hill are hustling to codify same-sex and interracial marriage access. Our latest POLITICO/Morning Consult polling makes clear that the bill enjoys the support of a majority of registered voters, potentially putting Republicans on the defensive on another social policy question — though it’s not necessarily a slam dunk.

On same-sex marriage: Fifty-eight percent of Americans support passing a federal bill to codify the right, including 44% who strongly back it, compared to 31% who oppose. On interracial marriage: Federal legislation has more lopsided support here: Seventy-one percent of voters support it, with just 15% opposing. (From the crosstabs: Twenty-five percent of Republican voters either somewhat or strongly oppose such a bill.)

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