Newsmax Host Relieved To Have Pride Month Over With Because It Makes Straights Feel “Marginalized” [VIDEO]

“It’s June 30. I gotta say, I’m glad that June is over. The flag, pride, whatever. What was it, Gay Pride Month, right? I mean, it was, it was too much. It was just too much, everywhere.

“If you had a business, if you had a building, if you had a house, if you had a dog house, you had to put a flag, a gay pride flag up, or else you could be in trouble.

“You see, this has gotten so big, that those of us who happen to be heterosexual feel excluded, feel marginalized. Now, I don’t want anybody to feel that way.

“And I do know that gay people were persecuted unfairly, they could be targeted and canceled. But that’s not America anymore. That’s long ago.” – Greg Kelly, last night.

Kelly last appeared on JMG when he ridiculed a Capitol Police officer who was beaten unconscious during the riot, claiming she merely “fell and bumped her head.”

Before that, Kelly appeared here when he called the Dallas police over a drag show that had already been attacked by a mob of Christian extremists.