MTG: Non-Biological Parents Are “Fake Mom And Dad”

“So let’s talk about children. Children are in the greatest danger in America today because traditional family values are being destroyed.

“The idea that mom and dad together – not fake mom and fake dad, but biological mom and biological dad – can raise their children together and do what’s right for their children.

“Raising them to be confident in who they are and in their identity. Their identity that they’re a child by God.” – Marjorie Taylor Greene, speaking to far-right troll Alex Stein.

Stein first appeared on JMG in March 2022 for a deranged “assassinate Putin” rap before a Texas city council.

This week he made headlines for sexually harassing AOC on the steps of the Capitol. Since then he’s been rewarded with appearances on many right wing shows and podcasts. Like Greene, Stein is a COVID denialist.