Mehmet Oz Apparently Lied About Hunting In Florida

Florida Politics reports:

Television personality Mehmet Oz spent months in a Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race touting a history of hunting in Florida. However the state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has confirmed Oz never had a license to hunt in the Sunshine State legally.

An April ad started with a close-up of Oz’s hands as he loaded and cocked a double-barrel shotgun and later fired a pistol. He discusses hunting as a child with his father and doing the same now with his son. “When people say I won’t support guns, they’re dead wrong,” he says before firing.

During an interview with Newsmax the same month, Oz discussed where he currently hunts. A host asked about a hunting ranch in Montana, and Oz corrected the questioner. “Well, the hunting ranch is in Florida, but it’s nice,” he said. “I’ll invite you down.”

Read the full article. Fetterman has already pounced.