Kirk: Red States Should “Defy The Federal Government”

“Why don’t we go do it? Why don’t we go make red states energy independent? Why do we need Saudi Arabia? Why do you need the federal government? Why do you need the EPA? Why do you need the Department of Energy? No, no. What’s the reason? Oh, because it’s against their rules. They break the rules every day. How are they going to enforce them exactly? Who created the federal government? Who’s in charge?

“You can do anything you want as long as it’s in the pursuit of goodness and virtue and truth if you have the political will to do it. Now, you might say, ‘Well, Charlie, whose truth?’ Thanks for asking the question, subjective person who graduated from college. There’s only one truth. You might have one experience. You might have different experiences, I should say.

“But it’s not going to solve itself by shuffling around cards. And this is something that’s so interesting, is that the Republicans in DC are so afraid of what they’re actually creating. The Republicans were like, well, this is going to tear the country apart. No, no, no. You doing nothing will tear the country apart. You want to reinvigorate the country? Action, boldness.

“I know this sounds controversial, but peaceful and constitutional defiance of the federal government will actually strengthen the nation. If the federal government does not faithfully execute the laws, if the federal government is starving its citizens, what do you do? Oh, you wait for the next election? No.” – Charlie Kirk, today.