GOP Rep Raged About Accusations Of Adultery Hours Before Voting Against Codifying Same-Sex Marriage

South Carolina’s FITS News reports:

South Carolina fourth district congressman William Timmons took to the airwaves of the Upstate on Tuesday morning – angrily denouncing this news outlet for its recent reporting on his various alleged extracurriculars.

“We’ve got clickbait media – gossip blogs out of Columbia – we’ve got Democrats piling on, we’ve got failed political candidates trying to distract South Carolina with my personal life so let’s talk about that,” Timmons told radio station host Tara Servatius.

To recap: Timmons – a second-term congressman and fifth-generation scion of one of the Palmetto Upstate’s most prominent families – issued an unsolicited 18-word statement to this news outlet on June 26, 2022 in response to initial inquiries about an alleged affair with businesswoman/socialite Paula Dhier.

Read the full article. Yesterday Timmons was among the 157 Republican reps who voted against the Respect For Marriage Act. Watch the clip.